Background and aims
The name of the Foundation is based on St. Clare who was a woman of great vision. She also represents the virtues wisdom, courage and temperance, the virtues highlighted by Raphael in the Stanza della Signatura in the Vatican. On this fresco women represent these virtues, who are surrounded by angels representing love, hope and faith.

The practical aim of the Foundation is to support creative ideas in arts and science, and to contribute to their realisation.

We believe that initiative, social responsibility, enthusiasm, humor and the ability to share will improve true dialogue and fast transformation of common projects.

How the aims can be reached?
The Clara Angela Foundation is open to women and men of any religion, nationality, or profession.

The Foundation is willing to give support primarily by providing „care units“ of mentors and if necessary by providing sponsors and cooperative teams.

Stimulating new ideas
by a commitment to ensure that creative projects are maintained through incorporation of new evidence „From new-search to re-search“.

by internally and externally fostering good communication, open decision-making and teamwork.

Building on the enthusiasm of individuals
by involving and supporting people of different skills, ages, nationalities and horizons.

Providing constructive critics and ensuring quality
by being open and responsive to criticism, applying advances in methodology and developing quality improvement.

Providing mental and formal shelter of pilot projects
by maximizing efforts and avoiding duplication.

Supporting continuation of enthusiasm
by supporting transformation of ideas to relaity, ensuring participation and avoiding conflicts of interest.

that common commitment and dreams will be transformed to reality.

Communication and Decisions
The co-ordinator communicates and decides with advisors and co-workers.
It is anticipated that most communication will occur through internet forum or phone.
In the future, meetings may be convened.
Every member has the right to propose new ideas. A concrete plan should follow each proposal.
If a project is supported by the Foundation this should be notified on final publications or „products“.

After each year the Foundation has to evaluate past activities and future visions.

At the present time, basic needs are covered by www.dr-arabin.de.

If further financial support is available to the Clara Angela Foundation, appropriate projects will be looked for and the money will be spent only in agreement with the sponsor.
Open information on the further development of a supported project is prerequisite. In general, there should be clear descriptions of projects, tasks, and kind of support – if possible in advance.

End of membership
If a member acts in an unprofessional manner the membership may be terminated.
Vice versa members can terminate the membership if there ara clear reasons.
The Foundation itself strives to exist for unlimited time.