Angels are regarded as ambassadors between heaven and earth and ideals and reality
Angels have been spoken of … by saints, prophets and poets throughout history and cultures mostly as representatives of mans highest conception of… love, goodwill and creativity. They have been sculptured, painted, sung about, dreamed of, included in prayers and sought out for comfort at critical times.
Their signature may be seen in every selfless desire and any inspiration, and creative artistic, scientific and social activities. They affect our highest senses, inspire our noblest thoughts and reflect our greatest aspirations.
Angels work behind the scenes - and do not feel discouraged of being unnoticed.
Sometimes you only recognize an angel by the wings you find that you yourself have grown. Discovering angels may mean to discover timeless virtues
as in the image of Raphael with the women signifying wisdom, courage, temperance and the angels signifying charity, hope and faith.